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Severine Felix


Severine qualified with a NNEB Dipolma in 1997. She began her childcare career as a Nursery Nurse working in day nurseries. 

Severine ended her day nursery career after having advanced in her role to a Deputy Manager working alongside managers to run day nurseries and council owned nurseries.

Severine has been an OFSTED Registered Childminder since 2005. Severine undertakes weekly childcare training as part of her continuous professional development.

She is a mother of two.

Valentine Felix-John

Childminder Assistant

Valentine is Severine's mother and also a mother to two other adults. Valentine was a Foster parent for many years. While she was a Foster parent Valentine was also a Childminder.

Severine and Valentine worked alongside each other as co-childminders until 2015. From then Valentine began to assist Severine as a Childminder Assistant, implementing her Key Person role.

The childminding setting is Valentine's family home.

The childminders undertake regular training in the Early Years Foundation Stage to enhance their skills.

Here is a combined list of their qualifications and their continuing professional development.

Cache Diploma in Nursery Nursing, NNEB

Cache Level 3 Certificate of Professional Development in work with Children and Young People

Cache Level 3 in Childminding Practice

Planning for under 3's 

The Revised EYFS 

Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering 

Safeguarding, Child Protection Awareness 

Starting out- Supporting Children's Emotions & Well being 

Paediatric First Aid 

FT Schemas

Developmental Concerns

ADHD Awareness

Learning through Play

Improving Children's Learning through Play

Working with Others

Working with Parents

Supporting Children's Home Learning

Daily Routines in the Early Years

Working with Babies

Teaching Boys and Girls

Teaching 1 & 2 year old's

Teaching 2 & 3 year old's

Teaching 3 & 4 year old's

The Role of the SENCO

Supporting children with Special Educational Needs

Learning & Development Early Years Foundation Stage

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Health & Safety

The Outside Curriculum

Resources to Promote Early Learning

Risky Play in the Early Years

Welcoming New Parents - Coronavirus

Cultural Capital

Attachment and the Key Person Role

EYFS - A Blended Curriculum

Driving your Business through a Pandemic

EYFS and Development Matters 2020

EYFS Reforms: Designing your Curriculum

Staff Safeguarding Training

EYFS Reforms: Quality Teaching

EYFS Reforms: Sequenced Curriculum

Ofsted and the Curriculum

Data Protection Refresher

Teach so Children Remember

2021 Curriculum

Safeguarding Refresher

Introduction to Development Matters 2020

Teaching in 2021

Curriculum in 2021

Observation in 2021

Assessment in 2021

Child Development -part 1

Child Development -part 2

Core experiences in the early years

Writing your Safeguarding policy

Ofsted Inspection in 2021 -part 1

Ofsted Inspection in 2021 -part 2

Ofsted Inspection and Teaching in 2021

Ofsted Inspection print list

The Educational Programmes in 2021

The Learning Characteristics in 2021

Pedagogy and Practice in 2021

Planning in 2021

Starting Points in 2021

Ofsted Inspections from September 2021

Updates to Early Years Foundation Stage

Oral Health

The 3 I's and Cultural Capital

Children's Character, Interests and Talents

Core Books for the Early Years

Healthy Eating in the Early Years

Changes to EYFS from September 2021

They are both lovely, open minded people who work with you to ensure your child’s needs are met. My son loved them and still always fondly of them both. Thank you Severine and Valentine!


Severine and Valentine have been wonderful with her and a great support to me and her dad helping us weaning her as well as potty training her.